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Declaration of Interest

Before the National Veterinary Institute, SVA, engages an external expert or other consultant, a Declaration of Interest should be completed. SVA has, together with eight other governmental agencies, developed information for the management of conflicts of interest and other situations.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish eHealth Agencythe Health and Social Care Inspectorate, the National Food Administration, the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment and the Medical Products Agency have jointly developed a Declaration of Interest concerning experts/consultants engaged by the governmental agencies listed above (pdf) that must be completed before the agencies engage an external expert or another consultants.

The agencies have also developed an information on how the form should be completed and what constitutes conflicts of interest and other situations: Declaration of Interest – Information from the agencies (pdf).


According to the Instrument of Government (RF 1 chapter 9 §), courts, administrative authorities and others performing tasks within the public administration must apply the laws and carry out the activities decided by the Parliament and Government, i. e. the equality before the law and observing objectivity and impartiality of its activities. 

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