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Future diagnostics


Future diagnostics. Photo: Magdalena Hellström/SVA


Researcher prepairing a mass spectrometric analysis. Photo: Magdalena Hellström/SVA

Development of rapid, accurate and sensitive diagnostic methods is essential to control infectious diseases of veterinary importance, and to maintain good animal health. At SVA, we are continuously incorporating new technologies in our diagnostic workflows for the detection of pathogens, metabolic markers and markers of antibiotic resistance.

We are using new sequencing technologies both to support the development of better assays and to directly interrogate whole populations of bacteria, viruses and parasites in ways that have not been possible before. Advances in sequencing as well as other fields such as sample preparation and target molecule enrichment techniques will allow us to simultaneously detect multiple pathogens in host materials. We are also working with development of PCR based detction using different techniques, for example multiplex PCR, suspension PCR and bead-based PCR (Luminex).

In the field of serology, advances in nanotechnology and microfluidics will open up for new diagnostic platforms. Mass spectrometry has been used at SVA for many years for the identification and quantification of small molecules like drugs and doping compounds. Recently, however, mass spectrometric techniques have been introduced into the fields of toxin detection and identification of bacteria.

We also strive to integrate advances in biochemistry and proteomics, a combination which offers enormous potential for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of viral, microbial, genetic and metabolic diseases.

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