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Research communication

This page presents communicative actions and results from the PAIRWISE project

The article Dissemination of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales through wastewater and gulls at a wastewater treatment plant in Sweden, published in Science of The Total Environment, Volume 886, 15 August 2023.

Colleagues from Kalmar presented a pilot project to PAIRWISE at ECCMID 2023 (April 15 – poster) and at NMMD 2023 (Network for Molecular Microbiological Diagnostics, May 5 (oral presentation).
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The PAIRWISE project was represented at the Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance (EDAR6) conference in Gothenburg, Sweden September 22–27, 2022. 
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An article (in Swedish) by the Sweden's government agency for development cooperation (Sida) was published in connection with the Antibiotic Awareness Week 2022.

Representation at the Uppsala Antibiotic Days, Uppsala, Sweden, November 24–25, 2022
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