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Ali Mirazimi Forskare, adjungerad professor Inst. för Laboratoriemedicin ali.mirazimi@sva.se 070-367 25 73




Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning


2016 - 2020

Antivirals against RNA viruses

RNA viruses are highly dependent on host cell machinery to fulfill their replication cycle and produce new progeny virus. To date, most of the drugs against viruses act as direct-antivirals, meaning that compounds are designed to directly target viral proteins. Direct antivirals are believed to act as highly selective towards specific viruses, however these treatments are often accompanied with severe side effects and viral resistance. In this project we will developing antivirals by targeting host cell proteins/enzymes needed in the viral life. The overall objective of this project is to provide basic knowledge on molecular events of RNA virus infections and to develop novel antiviral strategies to battle against several highly pathogenic RNA viruses such as Zika, CCHF, and Ebola virus. This is a Collaboration between us and Prof. Thomas Helleday’s laboratory.

Senast uppdaterad : 2021-01-02