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TARANDUS network

The TARANDUS network gathers reindeer researchers from the Nordic countries. The network coordinates workshops focusing on aspects of reindeer health and welfare linked to climate change.

Logotyp för nätverket Tarandus.
The TARANDUS logo. Illustrated by Karen-Ann Hurri

TARANDUS network (The Arctic Research Network for Diseases in reindeer related to husbandry and climate change) is currently funded by The Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research. Read more about the TARANDUS network.

Please, contact Anna Omazic (anna.omazic@sva.se) if you are interested to join the TARANDUS network. When you sign up for the network, then you agree that your contact information will be shared within the network.

Welcome to the 4th TARANDUS workshop
Norway 7-8 March 2023

Ren med ägare.
Reindeer with owner. Photo: Alexia Diakaki

Feeding related diseases and other threats to reindeer populations, the fourth workshop within the TARANDUS network will be coordinated by UiT the Arctic University of Norway and the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, in cooperation with the National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Sweden.

This event will take place in Norway on 7-8th of March 2023. The workshop will be hosted at the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel. Sommarøy is located approximately 60 km away from Tromsø (1hour and 15 min by car). We will arrange transport from Tromsø to Sommarøy on the 6th of March (in the afternoon/evening) and to return to Tromsø when we have closed the meeting on the 8th of March. We start the meeting in the morning on the 7th of March and close-up the meeting after lunch on the 8th of March. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in the meeting breaks and coffee/tea during the day are included. The workshop will also be livestreamed in Teams.

Target group for this workshop are reindeer researchers, veterinarians, particularly those working in the reindeer herding regions, and other stakeholders focusing on reindeer husbandry and climate change adaptation.

You are all most welcome to join the workshop!

The registration is now closed.

If you would like to participate remotely, please contact Javier (javier.s.romano@uit.no) as soon as possible.

Logotyp för Nordic Agri Research.
TARANDUS network is currently funded by The Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research.
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