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Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance, JPIAMR


2022 - 2024





Anna Aspan

Märit Pringle

MyMIC network

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Standardization of diagnostics and antimicrobial susceptibility testing and clinical interpretation in animal mycoplasmas.


Animal mycoplasmas are major pathogens causing various diseases in livestock and pets, with significant economic losses for farmers. Their control relies largely on antimicrobial (ATB) use. Inappropriate and sustained use of ATB can select for

resistance in the targeted bacteria, hence hampering treatment efficacy, but non-target microorganisms are also affected, including zoonotic/food-borne bacteria with significant impact on human health. The efficacy of ATBs in vivo can be indirectly

assessed by in vitro susceptibility testing. However, existing standard procedures for AST could not be used for mycoplasmas, because of their different culture requirements and growth. The lack of standardized consensus procedures and quality

control strains makes comparisons between studies difficult or impossible. Moreover, there are no clinical breakpoints or epidemiological cut-off (ECOFF) values determined specifically for animal mycoplasmas, which complicates the interpretation of results. 

The objective of this project is to set up a network of laboratories working on mycoplasma diagnostics and their susceptibility to ATBs to compare the different methods used and the results of minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC). 

This project will lead to the drafting of guidelines for a standardized culturing, identification and determination of MICs. Moreover, the aggregation of MIC data obtained by the different laboratories will determine the first tentative ECOFFs for some Mycoplasma species to help clinical interpretation of MICs, and guide veterinarians toward a reasonable use of ATBs.

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