Till startsidan för Statens veterinärmedicinska anstalt

Training course on the surveillance of wildlife diseases – the role of the hunters

Pravets, Bulgaria, 18 - 19 December 2017. Programme and documentation.

18 December


Welcome and Opening of the conference (pdf, 2,6 Mb)

Minister Rumen Porodzanov
Bernard Loze
Torsten Mörner 



- CIC (pdf)

Kristof Hecker

- The World Health Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) (pdf, 2,6 Mb)

Gregorio Torres

OIE – World  Organisation for Animal Health (pdf 15,8 Mb)

Kazimieras Lukauskas

- Disease Notification to the OIE. Role and responsabilites (pdf, 2,6 mb)

Gregorio Torres, Marija Popovic

- FACE (pdf)

Tom Van De Maele

Introduction delegates and hunting associations

 All participants

Background and objectives of the seminar (pdf 2,1 Mb)

Torsten Mörner  

The CIC, OIE (pdf 2,5 Mb) and FACE (pdf, 2,1 Mb) position regarding hunters role in wildlife disease surveillance

Kristof Hecker, Gregorio Torres, Tom Van De Maele

Strategy on African Swine Fever (ASF) in the European Union (pdf, 2,6 Mb)

Introduction Wildlife Diseases of Importance (pdf, 5,8 Mb)

Francesco Berlingieri

Torsten Mörner

 OIE-listed diseases including zoonoses

 Gregorio Torres

 Wildlife Disease surveillance Strategies (pdf, 3,6 Mb)

 Erik Ågren

 Wildlife Disease surveillance programs:


 – Nordic countries (pdf, 2,6 mb)

 Erik Ågren

 – Hungary (pdf)

 Károly Erdélyi

 – Spain (pdf, 2,1 Mb)

 Christian Gortázar

 – Bulgaria (pdf, 2,6 Mb)

 Tsviatko Alexandrov





 Introduction to disease surveillance work (pdf, 5,4 Mb)

Erika Chenais


ASF and epidemiology of ASF in the present outbreak in Northern Europe (pdf, 7,9 Mb)

Erika Chenais

Epidemiology of ASF and lessons from in the outbreak in Spain (pdf, 5,8 Mb)

 Christian Gortázar



 Experiences from ASF outbreak


 – Estonia (pdf, 5,6 Mb)


–  ASF in wild boar population: Latvian experience

Edvins Olsevskis

 – Lithuania


 – Poland (pdf, 5,9 Mb)


 – Czech Republic (pdf)


Epizootic situations of ASF in Russia (pdf, 3,4 mb)

Alexey Igolkin

19 December


Summary of first day and discussion

Torsten Mörner

Avian Influenza outbreaks. To hunt or not to hunt?

Alexandra Miteva

Rabies eradication programme: Role of hunters (pdf 2,6 Mb)

Georgio Chobanov

Field work and hygiene hunters (pdf)

Károly Erdélyi

Transport of specimens from wildlife for laboratory investigation (pdf)

Károly Erdélyi

The role of hunters in surveillance work (pdf Mb)

Torsten Mörner

Hunters perspective on the outbreak of ASF (pdf 6,6 Mb)

Linda Dombrovska

Establishing a network among hunters for wildlife disease surveillance, volunteers or employed persons? (pdf)

Daniel Ligné

Communication between hunters, veterinary authorities and laboratories (pdf, 5,6 Mb)

Torsten Mörner



 Costs – who pays?

Daniel Ligné, Kristof Hecker, Tom Van De Maele

How do we increase communication between hunters and hunter associations, on a national and international level?

CIC, FACE, National hunting associations

How do we establish a network among hunting associations concerning wildlife disease surveillance?

CIC, FACE, National hunting associations

How do we increase communication between hunters and authorities on a national and international levels?

 CIC, FACE, National hunting associations

How to move forward?


Final discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations

Torsten Mörner and all 

Summary and comments from the delegates (pdf)

Torsten Mörner

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